Mid-Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

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Mid-Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1: Are most cops Uber A$$hole$?

Yes, I know- the question probably sounds rhetorical at this point however the rampant abuse of power that the ‘boys in blue’ are exhibiting lately is absolutely mind blowing.

It’s this type of brutish, unproductive behavior that local governments everywhere should try to stamp out of their police departments.  Again, if you were an angry, power-obsessed dude without the financial means to run for political office, where would you go? Yep….Barney Phife in full effect!

Soul Shot #2: deja-mooDeja Moo

I know, I know. Just when we think that the now familiar story of racist white cops pummeling nearly to death another person of color we get another dose of what policing really means to people of color in the United States.

It’s a moral imperative at this point that people realize that this is not a problem within the system that simply needs to be tweaked and fixed. No, this is what the system was designed to do! There is no reforming it. There is no re-adjusting it or tweaking it like apologist both black and white, Democrat and Republican would like you to believe. No, there is only one solution to this endemic and outmoded police system- dismantle it! What do we put in its place you ask? Community policing and community oversight.

To truly address policing is to truly address why the police officers don’t belong to the communities that they are policing in the first place.  If you were to try to answer this question in economic terms it would look something like this. Who is getting paid from this type of apartheid policing? Outmoded power structures in the form of police officers, prison guards, parole officers, owners of prisons, judges, lawyers, real estate moguls, and a whole host of others that feed off of the hue-man fodder that is our community.

This must stop and only we can do it. Call for community policing in your community today!

poje6c7j0gSoul Shot #3: White People Are In Their Feelings About Michelle Obama Attending Black Girls Rock

For those who follow my writings know that I’m in no way an apologist for Obama regime-but I tell you what, Mrs.Obama showing up to the Black Girls Rock event gets a high-five-on-the-brown-hand-side from me. You can absolutely tell that this is the swan song for the Obama’s as this would not and has not happened before.

What kills me is that wf (white folk) really have the nerve to be upset about her attending the event. Now, when the Obama’s host and attend Jewish events you never hear a damn thing from these same folks, but the minute they walk into an event with an extra dose of Soul wf loose they damn minds.

Phuck it!  I say that while there at it the Obama’s should make the Fist Bump and the Electric Slide national activities to be performed everyday at noon until the end of their term by all diplomats and government personnel. I got $20 that says Speaker Boehner is the first to phuck up the Electric Slide. Takers?

Soul Shot #4: WTF?Iowa-Gazette-burglary-suspect-photos-800x430 Charged with same crime, Iowa paper shows black suspects’ mug shots but whites get yearbook pics

See, it’s this $hit right here that makes black folks seeth and suck our teeth when wf want to talk about post-racial America and other wave-the-flag bullshit. Now if a POC opened their mouth to call them a Kreepy Azz Kraka then they would be dead wrong?!?! Cut it out!

Usually I have to work hard to show folks how subtle the racism in media operates, however, thank you to the editors of this Iowa newspaper for making my job really easy for me this time.

Soul Shot #5- Trevor Noah to take over the Daily Show

Ok. Right off the bat I’m giving a high-5-on-the-brown-hand-side to Jon Stewart and the folks at Comedy Central for their pic of Trevor Noah to take over as the host of the Daily Show.

However, this move doesn’t come without its fair share of haters. Not to soon after this announcement was made the media trolls went a searching for any dirt they could dig up of Noah. They came up with some of the following:

In 2009, he tweeted:

Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!

In 2010:

South Africans know how to recycle like Israel knows how to be peaceful.

In 2012:

I’m watching Olympic women’s hockey. It’s like lesbian porn. Without the porn. #InLove.

In 2014:

Manchester United is like a white girl. Heavy upfront but lacking in the back.

 If I were to be completely honest, I would say that what these people instinctively fear is the intelligent wit and cultural consciousness that someone who hails from the country of Apartheid will bring to the airwaves of America. If you think that Jon used to go H.A.M on these fools wait until a young black man who hails from maybe the most racially charged country on the planet (besides us of course) has to say about the topical issues of the day.

Racist and bigots of all stripes be afraid, be very afraid.

The Soul Good News: Something to make you smile

Patrice O’neal is one of my all time top 5 favorite comedians……the following clip is one of the reasons why.


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