#OVOS Highlights

/#OVOS Highlights
#OVOS Highlights 2018-07-12T22:46:41+00:00
#OurVoiceOurSchools is often chosen to represent Denver nationally at Racial Justice Conferences. #OVOS continues to work to gain media attention for being the only Black Owned Organization in Colorado that directly impacts the school to prison pipeline through advocacy and education.

#OurVoiceOurSchools Black Parent Empowerment Summit

Denver hasn’t seen a parent empowerment event with over 300 attendees in our recent history. #OVOS provided powerful parent advocacy training in order to organize and advocate for Black children in public schools as well as deepen their understanding of the 5-Education Empowerment Pillars of the #OVOS campaign.


#OVOS Reppin’ Nationally at Conferences in 2017-2018

Alliance to Reclaim our Schools Conference – Chicago, Illinois
Journey4Justice Conference – Chicago, Illinois
It’s All About Kids – Fort Collins, Colorado
Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice – Riverside, California
National Education Association – Conference on Racial and Social Justice – Minneapolis, Minnesota

#OVOS Highlights