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#OurVoiceOurSchools Black/Brown Student Voice and Leadership Program

#OVOS Black/Brown Student Voice and Leadership Program is a student led, student driven program that creates student led projects as a very real opportunity for change. There are a set of essential life survival skills necessary for marginalized communities that can’t be gained in the classroom, but can be developed through authentic student activism.  Students usually think of themselves as the recipients of policy—not the shapers of policy. Students have the power to enact positive change, not just in their schools and communities, but in the world. Getting involved is important for all students, but especially for students from marginalized groups. If you look at the history of student social movements. It’s pretty clear that students have a critical and crucial role to play.

Ella Baker Weekend Liberatory & Leadership Institute

This institute invites children/young adults ages 3-18 to join us for an authentic experience of engaging social justice, grassroots organizing practices, and anti-racism learning through the world of those that have travelled the road to freedom before. Over the course of the institute, we will explore the ways in which social justice relates to our daily experiences as well as how to create change and take action. Students will be challenged to define and redefine their understandings of privilege, marginalization, equality, and justice through various readings, films, discussion, and interactive in-class exercises. Through the mediums of writing and performance, as well as social emotional leadership workshops, students will have an opportunity to explore what social justice means to them and how to claim and nurture the power of their own voices.

#OurVoiceOurSchools (#WeChoose) Movement 

Education is a Human Right. Corporate school privatization and education inequality in the United States is a violation of the human rights of our students and their families. We have engaged with hundreds of people directly impacted by school privatization and inequity; school closings, turnarounds, co-locations, charter and contract school expansion to get their stories on how they have been affected by these policies. This movement will ultimately bring the human rights violations inflicted upon our communities by proponents of school privatization to thousands of doorsteps, laptops, smartphones and town hall meetings. We will use the attention garnered from this campaign to call for education equity and an end to the public school privatization drive we are currently experiencing.