November 2015

Culture Before Politics


Authors: EFF CHANG, BRIAN KOMAR On Nov. 3, progressives awoke to find that they had returned to 2004. Despite important legislative victories, Democrats had been outflanked. Republicans had successfully sold themselves as the party of economic growth, the party of the angry out-of-work American, and, most dissonantly, the party of change. They owned the narrative and [...]

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August 2015

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Sunday RunDown (Radio #0002)


Soul goes in on current events don't want to miss this one!! alllivesmatter vs blacklivesmatter - The next time someone says "All Lives Matter" show them this link Cop confrontation goes viral - Watch Mothers of the Slain speak out. GOP Debate here, frightening ‪#‎DonaldTrump‬ is a P.I.M.P Best of Donald Trump! Protests DO [...]

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