This Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

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This Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1: Terrified Taraji rushes son to Howard U


Of all the criticism that have been leveled at the critically acclaimed show Empire the one that is ringing the loudest this week is the one that states that Black folks are more concerned about watching Empire instead of being about the business of building one. Yes, I saw the long lines in Atlanta as fanatics of the show lined up to purchase the soundtrack.

Yes, I think Taraji and Terrence are dynamite and dynamic actors that deserve the highest paydays that their talents can command. Yes, I see value in people of color being able to command the screen. And Yes, I think Empire is just another in a long-line of multimillion dollar distractions aimed at keeping us entertained instead of empowered. Oh, you need an example of why this tomfoolery is allowed on prime-time tv? Ok. Name me the healthiest relationship on the show? -Don’t worry I’ll wait.

Being a Howard Alum myself I think Taraji is making a great choice, I’m just sorry her son had to endure a Trayvonish experience in order for her to arrive at the decision. Go Bison!

Is this what happens when you play empire instead of building one?


Soul Shot #2: Byron Allen burns Al ‘Big Worm’ Sharpton

The Reverent Al Sharpton, PrimaDonna Beauty Care Center, Brooklyn, NY, 1988. by annie leibovitzOhhhh it’s Friday alright and the getting is good here. Byron Allen (yes, the comedian from back in the 80’s) goes to town on ‘Big Worm’ Sharpton in magnificent fashion while simultaneously calling out racist owned media for dissing and marginalizing the voices of the ‘real’ black community.

I don’t know how much Byron Allen and I would really have in common (he’s a registered Republican) but I tell you what; even a broken clock and right twice a day. From his critique on the NAACP, Urban League and Rev. Sharpton to his call out, by name no less, of AT & T and the media corporatocracy, Mr. Allen gets a high-five on the black hand side for his insightful-even if a bit very nasal-rant.

Soul Shot #3: Priest Confesses “There is no Hell”

Wow! This is why you can never throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have to love when someone is mature and enlightened enough to look at his own faith without the rose tinted glasses that usually accompany religions figures. Do yourself and your Christian brethren a favor- take a look and then pass around this incredibly enlightening interview. Sure it didn’t happen this week but hell (I can use this word now) this unmasking of the true motives of the church in creating “hell” is timeless.

I just had a thought. If what this priest is saying is accurate then Christianity has literally created hell here on earth. Heavens to Mergatroid!!

Soul Shot #4: Monsanto Lobbyist refuses ‘taste of his own medicine’ (Live on TV)

Sometimes shit happens that throws a kink in the Evil Empire that seems  just to good to be true. Few things are as pleasurable to witness as an EE (Evil Empire) hypocrite who is responsible for poisoning millions of people biting the proverbial dust live on national TV.

Today’s lesson is brought to you by Dr. Patrick Moore, who has worked for pesticide manufacturers like Monsanto, refusing to drink Monsanto’s product just seconds after claiming it’s safe to do so:

Once upon a time, Dr. Patrick Moore was an early Greenpeace member. Now he is a public relations consultant for the polluting companies that Greenpeace works to change: Big Oil, pesticides and GMO agribusiness, forestry, nuclear power… anyone who puts up the money for truth-benders who appear to carry scientific and environmental authority.

This is the best gotcha-moment I’ve seen on camera since tobacco lobbyist Joe Bast, CEO of The Heartland Institute, was forced to acknowledge and re-affirm his denial that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, courtesy of Lee Fang for Republic Report.

Soul Shot #5: Rev.Emperor Dollar ask for $60m for his jet

creflo-dollarbill OMG! If I tried all this week and twice on Sunday I could not have come up with this story. Rev. Creflo ” better have my money” Dollar made an appeal to his congregation to come up with the loot to fund his $60 million dollar jet. Yes, 60….million.

The only thing that makes this story more sad is that there are actually human beings that are sitting in his pews on Sunday. This story is proof that once you reach a certain level of obnoxiousness, that you are no longer able to see just how ridiculous you sound to those who have not lost their souls.

Someone please inform Rev.Emperior Dollar that is azz is sticking all the way out of his magic coat on this one!



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