Your Week in Soul: Monday Edition

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Your Week in Soul: Monday Edition

Soul Shot #1:  Hillary has Soul?


I was really wanting Hillary to run, no I mean run the phuck away. (I’m seriously considering the Soul Side Eye of the Week Award. The first winner? Hilary Clinton.)

So by now most of you have of course heard that Hillary Clinton has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential race. Black and Brown folks can now get ready for the Queen of Soul herself heading to a chitterlings circuit near you!

However, just in case you doubt that Hilary is not going to ride the coat tails of the Obama swag train, let me leave you with this gem right here that proves that Hilary is in actually Soul Sister #1. Warning: If your gag reflex doesn’t kick in here- proceed to the nearest emergency room immediately!

Soul Shot #2:  Anonymous goes H.A.M. on Denver Police Chief

Ooooo!!!!  What a gem I found this weekend and couldn’t wait to share this news that is coming out of my hometown of Denver, Co. (You see, I have this whole great analysis about how Denver is America’s ‘miners canary’ on all things racial and economic, however, I’ll save that for another day as I let Anonymous have the floor here. )

In Anonymous fashion this video does an excellent job in showing you the difference between what police SAY as opposed to what they actually DO. Let me sit back, grab some popcorn and watch black Kojack get ripped a new one.

Soul Shot #3: The Great American Debt trap: Praying on the Poor

Let’s be honest. How many of us have come up short in the pocket before our next paycheck? Exactly!  True to being the ‘Land of Opportunist’ there’s now a booming business model that prays on the reality that most Americans are barely making it from check-to-check.

Find out how here:

Monkey Mind Mondays


What is your ‘Monkey Mind’?

Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. We all have monkey minds with dozens of monkeys all clamoring for attention. Fear is an especially loud monkey, sounding the alarm incessantly, pointing out all the things we should be wary of and everything that could go wrong.

Buddha showed his students how to meditate in order to tame the drunken monkeys in their minds. It’s useless to fight with the monkeys or to try to banish them from your mind because, as we all know, that which you resist persists. Instead, Buddha said, if you will spend some time each day in quiet meditation — simply calm your mind by focusing on your breathing or a simple mantra — you can, over time, tame the monkeys. They will grow more peaceful if you lovingly bring them into submission with a consistent practice of meditation.

The Challenge:

Become an Observer – Your job is to become an observer of your life. Watch your actions/reactions. Without judgement, notice how you react to any situation, good or bad. What are the words you use? What is your tone of voice? Then consider why you chose the words you used? Were you on automatic pilot or did you consciously consider and choose those words?

Breathe – Focusing on your breath is the gateway to transformation. Your breath is the best, most accurate barometer of your emotional state. In any given situation whether positive or negative, take a moment to connect to your breath. In the beginning, put your hand on your heart to connect with your breath. Learn what situations/words/people trigger you in to that automatic pilot. Then consciously choose how you want to interact.

Be kind – Sometimes you will be a master of taming your monkey mind. And sometimes it will be an epic fail. Failure is a good thing because it means you are aware enough to know those moments where the monkey mind completely takes over. When those moments happen, don’t beat yourself up, figure out who you need to apologize to (include yourself in that apology list), recommit and move on.

Practice Gratitude – It may sound corny, but truthfully, without taking a moment to acknowledge the good things in your life, no amount of work you do on yourself will produce results like gratitude will.


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